Secrets of Perfection: How to Make Perfect Cookies

February 03, 2023 2 min read

Baking is an art but at the same time a science where the process quality and accuracy define the outcome. Perfect cookies require consistent precision in selecting, measuring, mixing, and moulding the ingredients followed by flawless baking on the right temperatures.

Here is my list to ensure that you get the perfect gooey and chewy flavorful cookies every time.

Secrets of Perfection: How to Make Perfect Cookies

1. Do not compromise on ingredients. It may seem that using low-cost products will not have much impact on how your cookies turn out, but this is a fallacy. Using premium ingredients results in premium outcomes.

2. Measuring the ingredients is one of the key success determinants in baking. Be sure to master your recipe and keep following it consistently every time. Using measuring cups, measuring spoons, a kitchen scale and knowing the units of measurement for each of your ingredients (such as grams, litres, etc.) will help you in getting the same quality cookies always.

3. The mixing speed and duration plays a pivotal role in the process. Too much or too little mixing impacts the shape of your baked cookies at the end. While hand mixing can do the job for a small batch, it can turn tedious and inconsistent if you want to have multiple batches of cookies. Using a good mixer and knowing your speed and duration for mixing will enable a perfect experience.

4. Moulding your dough into balls may seem easy, but it’s a very defining step. While you weigh each ball to ensure consistency, the pressure you apply while assembling the ball is also a consideration. The lesser the pressure to compact each ball, the less flat and thin your cookies will be; if you wish to keep your cookies fluffy and gooey then don’t be hard on the dough ☺. Once the balls are made, chill them in a freezer overnight or at least for 90-120 minutes if in a rush.

5. Finally, it’s baking time! Use solid and good quality baking trays lined with baking sheets. Make sure that the balls are nicely distanced on the tray as they expand during the baking process. Ensure to pre-heat the oven and stay close to it once the cookies are inside. Once done, let the baked cookies rest for some minutes before you attempt to move them to a jar or serving platter. Freshly baked cookies are very fragile and should be handled with care.

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